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Big day

Well, we all made it down. It was close. Bob got stuck in the Salt Lake airport almost had to drive all the way down to make it on time. Luckily he was able to fly in to Palm Springs and then rented car and drove in to Phoenix. Not really the life of a rockstar. Ha but then hes not. Ha ha. Getting excited and nervous. Will post back later.

Phoenix Bound

Wow! Is all i can say. Heartbreak Hangover is headed to Phoenix this Friday. We entered into the eventful contest, and thanks to all of the fans and friends that voted, we made it into the running. 4th place! this was enough to get us into the final round for consideration. It was a nerve racking week waiting and waiting.. You start to feel a little hopeless, but none the less we were stoked that so many people helped get us this far.

Late Thursday night, around midnight. Neil received an email from the management of KISS saying that we had been chosen!!!! WOOOOOT! I cant even tell you how bad ass that is.. The past few days have been so crazy. My facebook blew up with many many congrats and thanks. Fox 13 news ran a story on it which even furthered the hype. Tomorrow we’re off to KBER for a radio interview, and tonight another interview on Thanks Mr Valle!.

We’ll keep you posted and keep things updated as we roll!

Horns up Muthas!! \m/>.<\m/

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